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Tumi USA Award for Excellence 2015.

Founder, Zia Boccaccio, will be receiving the Tumi USA Award for Excellence this September the 25th. We are proud and honored to be a part of this event, and to represent Peru in the United States of America. Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

For more information, to make a reservation, or to become a sponsor, refer to the information in this flyer.

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Successful Peruvian Business Woman in America 2014

Alpaca International CEO Zia Boccaccio has been named Successful Peruvian Business Woman in America 2014 by the Embassy of Peru. The Award recognizes Zia’s accomplishments in her industry as well as her commitment to promoting her cultural heritage throughout the United States. Zia confesses, "I am honored and humbled to have been selected for this prestigious Award by the diplomatic representatives of my homeland for my work as founder and CEO of Alpaca International."
Zia, a proud Peruvian, has been a pioneer in bringing the luxurious alpaca wool into mainstream attire. A strong background in retail and a dedication to sharing the fabric of her culture with North America resulted in the founding of Alpaca International in 2004. In only three short years, she had opened four retail shops in the United States, each supplying her high-quality collections of garments and accessories to what have become loyal patrons. Her timeless and elegant merchandise exhibits the grace and resilience of the revered Peruvian alpaca fiber ("the Gold of the Andes").

Zia can often be found at her Alpaca International location in Park City at 614 Main Street. Zia and her shop are a great addition to our community.


Written by Alison Butz of Historic Park City Utah

Alpaca International Blog

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AACCC 2012 Small Business of the Year

Zia Boccaccio, owner and Creative Director for Alpaca International, is proud to have received the Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce 2012 Small Business of the Year Award. At the October awards event, Boccaccio commented, “As I stand here to receive the Small Business of the Year Award, I suddenly realized I was living the American Dream.”

The award signifies her amazing journey that started in the mountains of Peru. There, Boccaccio built a vertically integrated business which manages the South American Camelids, harvest their precious wool, and makes the lush garments. Alpaca International has since expanded to include stores in Annapolis, Washington D.C., Park City, Utah, and Juneau, Alaska, as well as her signature store in Peru.

She attributes her success to the passion she has for her work - creating an outstanding product which has become increasingly popular. Alpaca has become one of the leading fashion names in the area.

On November 2 [2012], Alpaca joined forces with Koren Ray of Hobo (an Entrepreneur of the Year nominee) and Morgan Gerard Salon and Spa of West Annapolis to create the Second Annual Bay Theatre Fashion Show fundraiser benefiting the theatre. Boccaccio and Ray launched their outstanding fall and winter collections at the event. It was a truly winning combination.

Zia has been a long-time supporter of CASA for the past eight years. She has attended numerous CASAblanca galas and donated her glorious Alpaca capes to multiple CASA events.