Garment Care

The care and keeping of your Alpaca Wool garment is very important. Be sure to read the label before proceeding with any type of washing or dry cleaning. None of our garments may be machine washed, so please avoid doing so.


Hand Washing

  • Wash your garment in lukewarm or cool water (hot water may cause shrinkage)
  • Use a detergent intended for delicate items, following instructions for amount to be used
  • Do NOT bleach
  • Gently swirl and press garment (do NOT twist or wring as this will distort fabric)
  • Rinse using the same gentle swirling, pressing method but in cool, non-detergent water
  • Gently fold and press garment on the edge of the sink or basin to remove excess water
    (do NOT twist or wring out)
  • Reshape your delicate garment and lay flat to dry, smoothing out wrinkles by hand

Dry Cleaning

  • Be sure to use a trusted dry cleaner when having your items dry cleaned
  • Bring all labels and tags that came with your garment to insure proper care
  • Point out any stains or spots on your garment so special care will be paid to that area
  • Request moth-proofing if that service is available


  • Lay all hand-knit garments or sweaters flat; hanging them may distort fabric
  • Be sure to moth-proof all garments; a cedar chest is ideal if possible