December 09, 2014

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A Statement In Fashion

“It was a vision. I saw this mystical creature against the mountain,” says Zia Boccaccio, owner and inspiration for Alpaca International Inc. This vision from a 7-year old girl in her homeland of Peru would pioneer the development of soft, elegant wool from Alpaca into a fashion statement with Alpaca wool which was once reserved for Incan royalty. The light, silky texture breathes, adding warmth when needed but light enough for many seasonal designs.

It is natural and very beautiful. Boccaccio brings her vision from Peru to her retail locations around the world: Annapolis, MD, Park City, UT, Juno AK, and Cusco Peru, as well as a wholesale distribution network.

With international flair and entrepreneurial spirit, Alpaca International Inc. has made a statement in fashion. Using the Baby Alpaca fibers in all their soft luxury, Boccaccio has stepped up the design of this sought-after fiber with new colors, new styles, and new applications and accessories masterfully crafted by a team of Peruvian artisans. Boccaccio is proud to say, “I truly believe we have been a part of introducing Alpaca as a fashion item to the world.”

“Fun. Fashionable. Elegant,” is how Boccaccio wants everyone to feel in her Alpaca-inspired designs. Bringing this luxury item into popular demand has been a quest from the beginning. “I remember the feeling of seeing the Alpaca from my horse as a little girl. I want to share that mystical experience with everyone through Alpaca International.” With a fine-tuned commitment to quality, Alpaca International Inc. is poised to take this softy, downy fiber to new heights around the world.